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Advanced Multimode 4K NIR/ICG Imaging with IMAGE1 S™ RUBINA™ Video

Advanced Multimode 4K NIR/ICG Imaging with IMAGE1 S™ RUBINA™

Rubina™ lets you toggle seamlessly between 4K and NIR/ICG fluorescence imaging in overlay, monochromatic, and intensity mapping modes. Even better it plugs in to your existing IMAGE1 S™ system. Learn more in this recorded webinar.

Virtual Support Video

Virtual Support

Allow physicians and vendors to support the operating room virtually through a cloud-based telepresence solution purpose built for surgery.

Endoscopic Imaging with Dual 4K-NIR/ICG Video

Endoscopic Imaging with Dual 4K-NIR/ICG

There’s one endoscopic imaging system that meets all your current and future needs: the modular, scalable IMAGE1 S™. Known for spectacular HD and 3D modes, IMAGE1 S™ now offers dual-chip 4K and NIR/ICG imaging with Rubina.

TELE PACK+ Compact Endoscopy Video

TELE PACK+ Compact Endoscopy

Our TELE PACK+ Compact Endoscopy system can now be networked via our StreamConnect® content management solution. Physicians can capture Full HD videos and images and efficiently manage their patients’ health records, or securely share ...

Efficiency and Collaboration Video

Efficiency and Collaboration

Drive on time starts by providing surgical teams a blueprint for the case they are about to perform.

Patient Satisfaction Video

Patient Satisfaction

Increase patient and family satisfaction in the operating room by combining anxiety reducing media with family alerts on procedure progress.

Patient Entertainment and Info Presurgery Video

Patient Entertainment and Info Presurgery

Here it is in black and white: the simplest explanation of how the ComfortOR1 can alleviate patient anxiety and give worried families the confidence to step outside the waiting room.

OR Design Video

OR Design

Come see, touch and design the future of your Operating Room in one of our design centers.

Training Presentation - Care, Handling, & Reprocessing of Rigid Endoscopes Video

Training Presentation - Care, Handling, & Reprocessing of Rigid Endoscopes

The endoscope is the most critical part of the imaging chain. In this course, you will follow a rigid endoscope throughout its cycle of use, learn best practices, and uncover some common mistakes to avoid when caring for these important medical devices.


KARL STORZ offers state-of-the-art technology for minimally invasive procedures in virtually all surgical specialties. Our flagship IMAGE1 S™ visualization system is modular, scalable, and upgradable through powerful image enhancement tools, including NIR/ICG modes. Our C-MAC® family of video laryngoscopes sets the standard in airway management. Arthroscopy instruments are designed to facilitate thorough and effortless cleaning. In ENT, we continue to push the limits in areas such as stroboscopy, laryngoscopy, and endoscopic surgery across all sites of care. We’re also aiding the transition of gynecological procedures from the hospital to the clinic and office setting. Laparoscopic surgeons have come to rely on our customizable hand instruments, not to mention our insufflation and smoke-evacuation units. We’ve also been at the forefront of minimally invasive PCNL. Our neuroendoscopic imaging systems are enabling procedures that would’ve been inconceivable just a few years ago. Our integration and collaboration technologies turn every surgical suite into a multifunctional command center. Add to that our onsite service and support, and it’s easy to see why KARL STORZ has become the most trusted name in complete endosurgical solutions.

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