9603 Video Cart, Part 1: Introduction and Cables

Recorded at the KARL STORZ training facility in Charlton, MA, this video provides an introduction to the 9603 Video Cart and describes the various components and cabling used for this endoscopy video tower.

Components include the ZeroWire® transmitter mounted on the display, high-definition (HD) WideView® HD Display, KARL STORZ AIDA® HD Connect™ with SmartScreen®, Thermoflator® Insufflator, 300W Xenon light source, Image 1® HD CCU and Sony DR80 MD Printer.

The presentation describes the simple connections required for each of the tower components, and provides instruction on properly identifying cabling (power, video signal and data) prior to actually wiring the various components together.


October 3, 2014

Created by

Karl Storz