A New Visualization System in Colposcopy: VITOM®

This video illustrates a new visualization method based on the KARL STORZ VITOM® System.The VITOM® System provides enhanced visualization and a better ergonomic working position for surgeons, as well as a useful method for presenting and sharing clinical images during training and education, and a simplified means of documenting procedures.

The VITOM® System combines an exoscope with a high-definition (HD) video camera system developed originally for endoscopic procedures. The system includes a display unit, light source, holding systems and documentation unit. The FULL-HD video components deliver 1080p resolution for exceptional image quality for display and recording, with a wide 16:9 aspect ratio. The presentation outlines a number of key advantages gained by surgeons using the VITOM® System. The video also demonstrates use of the system in several video endo-colposcopic and related procedures.


July 8, 2014

Created by

Karl Storz