Endoscopic Harvesting of the Radial Artery with the Reusable KARL STORZ Retractor System

Endoscopic Harvesting of the Radial Artery (ERAH) has only recently been introduced in clinical settings. Use of the endoscopic approach for radial artery harvesting offers a number of advantages compared with open techniques. Among these are reductions in: neurological complications, wound complications and infections, and hemotomas, as well as improved aesthetics. The endoscopic technique also offers ample patient satisfaction, particularly in terms of the length of the surgical incision. This video demonstrates endoscopic harvesting of the radial artery with the reusable KARL STORZ radial artery retractor acc. to BISLERI and the EnsealĀ® tissue sealing system.


July 7, 2014

Created by

Karl Storz