Hinni Laryngoscope for Transoral Surgery of Cancer — Michael Hinni, MD

Overview (00:00-4:05)
This video begins with an introduction and an overview presented by Dr. Michael Hinni. He provides background information and describes the design and functionality of the Hinni Laryngoscope, as well as its use for exposing the tongue base and supraglottic and other regions during various transoral procedures for cancer.

Typical Selection of Instruments (4:06-7:33)
A fundamental array of tools and instruments used for transoral surgery and a typical set up is described by Dr. Hinni. He also outlines their recommended use.

Transoral Resections of Primary Head and Neck Cancer (7:34-34:57)
In this chapter, Dr. Hinni addresses the challenges of exposing tumors in the tongue base as he performs a typical procedure. He also describes his approach to managing such cases, including preferred instruments and use of the new Hinni scope to address shortcomings of previous laryngoscopes.

Closing Remarks (35:00-close)
Dr. Hinni ends the presentation with a brief discussion of issues to consider for safely and successfully performing resection of tumors using transoral tumors, as well as the new laryngoscope’s potential use for other applications.


November 23, 2016

Created by

Karl Storz