The Potentials of Video Intubation in Neonates

KARL STORZ Endoscopy is dedicated to providing comprehensive tools to facilitate airway management in both difficult and routine environments. Our array of mobile, compact products assist tracheal intubations and address unexpectedly difficult intubations in all OR, emergency medicine, ICU, NICU, and pre-hospital trauma settings. In addition, the use of video provides numerous benefits for instructors as well as students learning intubation techniques.

The use of video-assisted airway devices has been shown to enhance patient safety and physician efficiency. In addition, the use of video laryngoscopes improves the grade of view by one to two grades, reducing the incidence of difficult intubations. Additionally, based on a recent study involving a 200-patient cohort, KARL STORZ Video Laryngoscope blades have been shown to show promise in improving airway management and training.*

*Andre L. Vanderhal, George Berci, Charles F. Simmons, Jr, and Masanobu Hagiike. A video laryngoscopy technique for the intubation of the newborn: Preliminary Report Pediatrics 2009 124: e339-e346.

To further your educational and training efforts in airway management, KARL STORZ Endoscopy is happy to make available these clinical videos.


July 7, 2014

Created by

Karl Storz